Freshly Baked Bread
Knead dough and bake tasty bread with skillful artisan.
  • This workshop will be available in September 2015

Nothing will ever beat the sweet and cozy aroma of freshly-baked bread, especially those delicious Italian Panettone, Ciabatta, Brioches, Focaccia (and many more!)

In a cozy and sweet-scented laboratory, you will experience every single step of breadmaking: from flour and yeast selection, kneading, moulding, fermentation, and baking.

Let's warm the oven, it's time for breadmaking!

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Davide Longoni

Davide was born in Brianza from an artisan family. Once he finished his studies, he decided to leave everything and dedicated his life to his big passion: Bread. He has applied his own "retro-innovation" in the breadmaking sector by recovering the old sourdough technique with “pasta madre” using flour obtained from various cereals.

About this adventure.

Craftventure has carefully designed this program for you to live awesome crafty moments. In this easy atmosphere, along with a small numbers of participants, you will fully learn new skills and enjoy a great experience.

Here are some sneak peeks from this program:

This workshop will be available in September 2015

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