Delicious Fresh Cheese
Experience joyful life in local Italian farm and make tasty dairy products from fresh ingredients.
  • Easy and fun.
  • Spans few days.
  • In beautiful Italy.

Experience the real italian food culture by making fresh cheeses.

With artisan Elisa Pozzi in a beautiful ZIPO farm full of cute animals, you will learn how to make fresh cheeses like Caciotta and Primo Sale, and cook delicious Italian dishes from the farm’s fresh ingredients.

If you are a food and farm-life lover, this great and memorable journey is awaiting!

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Elisa Pozzi

Elisa grew up in her grandfather's farm and her childhood was always among the nature. After her studies she decided to be where she really belongs and do what she loves: going into the fields, making delicious cheese, selling it to people, and taking care of her farm called "ZIPO", where cows are happy!

About this adventure.

Craftventure has carefully designed this program for you to live awesome crafty moments. In this easy atmosphere, along with a small numbers of participants, you will fully learn new skills and enjoy a great experience.

Here are some sneak peeks from this program:

What's included?

  • Craftventure basic kit for every Craftventurer (a bag contains an apron, a notebook, a pencil).
  • Lunch (homemade local dishes from fresh ingredients).
  • Drinks and snacks are always there whenever you need a break.
  • A little gift certifying you as a Craftventurer at the end of the course.
  • PDF file of recommended spots around Milan (inspiring places about art & craft, including cool and local spots)

Nice! When can I start?

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Didn't find a date that suits you? Cheer up! More and more workshops are being prepared and added all the time.
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